Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gorgeous Holiday Workshops

This holiday we launched our now very popular "Make-Up Make-Overs". Have a look at how Lauren transformed us by simply teaching us how to apply our make up correctly(see our home page for picutres). We also had such fun with Luzanne Smith in "Learn to Mosaic" - her children's workshop was too cute and the table looked like a sweetie shop with all her Gorgeous mosaic tiles on display. Ashleigh's "Tricks with Chocolate" has just taken off and the workshop room buzzes with excitement - perhaps it has something to do with that incredible Choclate Ganache Cake. Odette escaped from her Soap laboratory to run a gorgeous adult body product workshop and the kiddes one was also too cute - they made little soaps with dinosaurs embedded in them. Gorgeous Cards was also a big hit and now the adult also want to do them and so we hope to have Lolly and Charlene doing workshops with us more regularly.

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  1. Hi there Lara,
    I have your card ,think you gave it to me at Hilton or I Heart Market not sure.Love your blog!Sorry I missed out on the whole chocolate workshop!!Forgotten when your next event was ,mabe you can email me details,
    Hugs Sue